FeedSCAN® Benefits:

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    Convenient grass and silage testing

    We’ll collect the samples, run the tests, and provide a recommendation with you – and it only takes about 1.5 hours.

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    Balanced nutrition for better returns

    Ensure your herd’s diet is optimised to get the most value from your complementary feeds.

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    Immediate on-farm test response

    Gone are the days of samples bags and waiting a week for the results.

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    Confidence in your feed decisions

    Know that you are doing best by your herd and their nutritional needs.

With milk price forecasts heading north of $7.50, it makes sense to keep your herd performing this summer.

We’re here to make it easy for you to get the best summer feed blend for your herd. Our team are able to test your current pasture and silage feed, and prepare a custom feed blend that will optimise your outputs and payouts.

Agrifeeds have been a big help in understanding how to feed the cows more accurately, and consistently, getting better results. We now know what a cow actually needs, compared to what we thought they needed. We’ve noticed a big improvement in animal health – that’s been a big one for us.

Aaron and Taylor Verner

HERD SIZE: 210 cows

FeedSCAN® On-farm
Feed Analysis Service

Take the guesswork out of your feed plan with the only instant on-farm feed analysis in New Zealand.

Agrifeeds has a unique new offering to help you understand the core of your animal’s diet – the grass.

With our state-of-the art FEEDSCAN® technology, available exclusively from AB Vista, our team can provide you a full feed analysis of your fresh grass, silage and maize silage.

Our animal nutrition experts use the information to identify any nutrient gaps in your herd’s current diet. We can then suggest possible complementary feed solutions that will make sure your animals are getting the balanced nutrition required for better returns.